Aghabullogue: A School That Rocks

Here is the story of a village school,

A small place but it's really cool.

It starts with an A and ends with an E,

We're Aghabullogue, it's the place to be.



Aghabullogue, A School that Rocks!

We work hard and we give it sock.

Aghabullogue, a national school,

A great place, a place that's cool.


Mr Mather, he captains the crew,

The staff hail from Cork, Kerry, England too!

But it's the pupils that make us proud,

So let's hit the chorus and sing it loud...



No matter what the weather will bring,

We stick together through thick and thin.

Your school-days are the best days, so the saying goes;

But these days are better than anyone knows.

Chorus X 2

Early in 2016 the talented pupils of Aghabullogue N.S. worked with the talented teacher Mr Lawrance to write a song for the school. The song was launched officially on Proclamation Day and is available to purchase on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon