The Pupils of Aghabullogue National School

To the People of Ireland


We are proud to be sons and daughters of Ireland and commit to preserving the soul and culture of our beautiful country. We thank our parents, grandparents and ancestors for all their efforts before and since the 1916 Rising to make Ireland the great country it is today.


We are blessed to be entwined in the fabric of a country that has been called the Land of Saints and Scholars, and the Land of A Thousand Welcomes. We acknowledge gratefully that we are part of a fabulous school, nestled in the warm and nourishing community of Aghabullogue. We support our neighbours and support all our teams, whether it be school, parish, county, province or country.


We know that Ireland is not perfect. There are great inequalities and problems in the Ireland of today. She is beset with issues that impact on people’s well-being and happiness. There are problems in Health, Education, Employment and Housing to name but a few. There are many forms of danger and pressure present. We face an uncertain future on many fronts, but the one thing we are certain of is our determination and desire to build a bright future for our beloved Emerald Isle.


Our hopes for the future are to make Ireland a better country for our own children and grand-children to grow up and grow old in. We will strive to make Ireland a place where everyone gets along; where people share, play together, work together, love and respect one another. We want to live in a country that is safe for everyone. We want a country where everyone is treated fairly and where differences in religion, skin-colour, nationality and ability are cherished. Where everyone’s rights are respected and everyone has the opportunity to get a good education and to realise their hopes and dreams.


We are thankful to live in a country with such natural beauty. Our rivers, lakes, mountains and coastline are gifts to be treasured and passed on to coming generations of Irish citizens. We have worked hard in Aghabullogue National School to get our Green Flag and we will continue to work hard for a greener and cleaner Ireland.


We are young and we are still growing and learning. But we are the future of Ireland, and we are ready and willing when called upon to take on the great responsibility to serve Ireland faithfully for the common good.


Éire go Brách – Ireland Forever